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How To Use Credits and Rewards

Information about our Credits.

         How to earn Credits:

You can get Credits by:

•     Buying Credits (We have many Credit Packages for you!).

•     Winning any of our online games.

•     Competing in our Contests and Tournaments.

You can also earn free Credits by:

•     Registering as a player on Casual Challenge and joining a Membership Plan in our Community.

•     Filling out your profile (e.g. uploading your photo, validating your email, and adding friends).

•     Frequently logging in on Casual Challenge (every day!).

         How to use your Credits:

You can use your Credits:

•     By playing any of our online games.

•     By challenging another player and getting the highest score.

Information about our Rewards.

         How to get Rewards:

You can get Rewards if you:

•     Purchase a Credit Package.

•     Play any of our online games and create challenges

•     Send messages or gifts to any of your friends.

         How to use your Rewards:

You can redeem your Rewards as follows:

•     For new Credits on our Online Store.



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