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Puzzler World 2013


A new year means a completely new set of puzzles to keep you busy with Puzzler World 2013. Play classic games like Crossword, Sudoku, Word Search, Spot-the-Difference, and many more. Over 1,200 puzzles are included to keep your brain sharp and boredom at bay. Each completed puzzle unlocks a bonus game such as Hangman, Picture Pairs, Chain Letters, and more. When you have finished those challenges, you can then take on the Master Mode that provides you with even tougher puzzles. Do you have what it takes to solve them all?


Full Version Features:

> Keep boredom at bay with this fantastic set of Puzzle games.
> More than 1,200 different challenges await you.
> Play classic games such as Word Search, Cross Word, Sudoku, and more.
> Unlock bonus games like Hangman, Picture Pairs, and Chain Letters.
> Try your best to overcome the tougher puzzles in Master Mode.

System Requirements:

Windows 7/Vista/XP / 512 MB RAM

Top 5 Games

  • Ocean Express

    Pack puzzle pieces perfectly onboard the Ocean Express!
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  • Amanda Rose - The Game of Time

    Bring a father back to the future in a fascinating journey into the unknown.
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  • Lost Souls - Enchanted Paintings Pr

    Rescue a missing child from a wizard's spell in a magical adventure through strange new lands.
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  • Natalie Brooks - The Treasures of t

    Search for an ancient treasure map and discover the mystery of a terrible curse in this thrilling hidden object adventure.
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  • The Tale of the Lost Bride and a Hi

    Save the magical Mouse World from the brink of collapse in an entertaining journey for the whole family.
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Newest Games

  • Jigsaw Boom 2

    Create a whole new set of images from around the world in a fantastic puzzle challenge for all ages.
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  • Puzzler World 2013

    Keep your brain busy with the fun conundrums of an exciting new puzzle challenge for the entire family.
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  • Angelica Weaver - Catch Me When You

    Unmask a killer in the past to stop one in the present with a thrilling detective mystery.
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  • Dark Mysteries - The Soul Keeper Pl

    Stop a renegade spirit from killing innocents in a dangerous search for answers.
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  • Deadly Voltage - Rise of the Invinc

    Rescue a small town from the grips of an unbelievable invasion in an exciting science fiction tale.
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