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How To Add Friends

Adding Friends!

You can make many friends on our Online Community. If you meet someone interesting while you are playing, you can add him or her to your profile ́s friend list.

When you add a friend you will instantly get 10 free Credits to use on our Website. When you've added your 10th friend, you will receive 50 extra free Credits!

To add friends, do the following:



     From your Profile:  Select "Add Friend", you will then see the list of all the players where you can choose one person or more. Also, if you know the username of who you wish to add to your friends list, you can enter it and click the search field; after that, just click on the picture and it'll redirect you to that person's profile page.

     From the Action Menu (left side of the page): Select "Search for Friends" and see the list of players, then choose the friend you wish to add.

     From the Arcade Room: Simply select the player ́s image and click, you will be redirected to their profile page. You can also add that person's friends to your friend list.



Please keep in mind that when you add a friend you will see this message showing: “Pending Acceptance, meaning that you have to wait for them to see the request and accept you as a friend to see them included in your friends directory.

We enjoy having you as a player. We really look forward to having you play, meet new people and make many friends with us as a member of our Community.


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