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Be Rewarded For Having Fun

Earn Rewards for Playing

With the Rewards you earn on our website, you will be able to redeem merchandise from our very special store. But first thing's first: How can you earn Rewards? Well, you just have to register and then you can start earning rewards just for having a good time! That's right, you can get rewards by playing online games, adding friends and having a hoot!

Play games and earn Rewards

Just go and register to play online, and you can get free Rewards only by playing Arcade games and challenging other players to beat your high score (good luck with that!)!

I think you get the idea: no matter what the outcome of the games, you will get rewards for playing them! And what you need to remember is that the more games you play the more rewards you earn!

Remember to check the Credits page to learn about which game and day of the week you have to play in order to earn the free Rewards. Check it out by clicking the "Earn Rewards" link.               

Buy Credits and get free Rewards

But we have something more up our sleeve, as there's yet one more way of getting free Rewards: whenever you buy Credits you'll also receive a giant amount of free Rewards! You just need to click on "Earn Rewards" and you'll see we have many different packages you can choose from.

Redeeming Rewards for Prizes

Alright, so once you've gathered your rewards, you will be able to redeem them for some pretty nifty stuff in our always updated store! And we surely have lots of cool things that you could get with your hard earned Rewards. Click on "Redeem Rewards" to take a look at the prizes you can get, and to check your pending orders, just use the "Rewards History" link.

And if that does not tickle your fancy, then this definitely will: you can even redeem the masses of Rewards that you've won and stored up for so long, for awesome CREDITS!


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